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First of all, when you will read this page (and the others ones), remember this is an "hand-made" translation...

We are lucky enough to live in a magnificent country, so diversified as hundred kilometres can bring you radically from a rural and bucolic atmosphere, to the impressive spectacle of the high mountain. The other great chance, for us bikers, is that France get quantities of roads, more or less high, more or less in good conditions, more or less narrow, but the pleasure of the small  twists remains the same even if we are on the back of an old volcano of 1000m height, or on the highest road of Europe! So you who love the motorbike, get off the highways, those which  drive you too fast to a narrow beach, encircled with buildings, entangled with towels side by side, with a grey and sad sand...

 If you feel like to take the by-roads, I invite you to go through my virtual rides, and as soon as you will feel a prickling spreading your right hand, you will be ready to pass in the real world...

From the trips first prepared for our group of friends bikers, I get in a compilation of the multiple routes of WE and holidays, recollections of roads followed since about twenty years in the south and southeast essentially in France , because we live next to Grenoble. And so were born Trips for a WE

But as quite a lot of French bikers come to have a ride in the Alps, I wanted to create another heading, with some itineraries to discover a massif or an alpine region from a "base camp", to ride along about a week. The first to be born was "Vercors". But it was beginnig by the easiest, because Vercors is vast enough to allow me to find several nice routes to get loop itineraries. It seemed to me more complicated for the future, also the principle of these new routes changed slightly : they are "One day trips", in a "unity of place", but that does not allow necessarily to spend 8 days on the spot. But I always give adresses on accomodations.

You will find in the page "Last news ", projects, updates, and links towards sites dedicated to the bike. And a page "Basic methods" which explain the mode of calculation of times and\or mileages!!!

And if you want to write to me, for questions, adresses ....

So, to summarize:

Two main pages of itineraries: "Trips for a WE" and "One day trip"

Two main pages dedicated to accommodation: "Gites" et "B&B"

A page of information about updates, links towards the other sites, etc.: "Last news"

A "Site Map", if you should be lost... 

And a small chap who directly leads you there in the main pages 

Causse Méjean

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