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Update Octobre 2001

Some projects for over itineraries, not ready yet!

The "Round Trips" get a new name "One day trip". I give some information in the "French Roads" page, but if you are coming staight here, I repeat my explanations:

I wanted to create another heading, with some itineraries to discover a massif or an alpine region from a "base camp", to ride along about a week (Round Trips). The first to be born was "Vercors". But it was beginnig by the easiest, because Vercors is vast enough to allow me to find several nice routes to get loop itineraries. It seemed to me more complicated for the future, also the principle of these new routes changed slightly : they are "One day trips", in a "unity of place", but that does not allow necessarily to spend 8 days on the spot. But I always give adresses on accomodations.



If you have nice adresses in France of B&B (or roads, hotels, etc...) which pleased you, you can send them to me.

To build up your trips (well, mine are not necessary the best...), and chose hotels and restaurants, get touristic information, Michelin open a new Web site, and the utilisation is free!! And in English too !!!  :


The Best Biking Roads In The Alps : for English-speaker, routes in Alps in Switzerland and France

Ultrablade's Motorcycle Tour Guide to France and Spain : A vision of trails in France and Spain by an Englishman "Bikerland was set up to provide a site, were motorcyclists could find biker friendly accommodation, with safe parking As this site grows more hotels and bed and breakfasts will be listed. We also list various sites on manufactures, insurance , accident claims, track days, helmets, insurance, exhausts, clothing, motorcycle breakdown recovery and more".

If you want to go to make a tour on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and to discuss with the motorcyclists of California and moreover:

Visit MotoSites!

Another English-speaking site but which contains quantities of links in all the countries of the world, and so in Europe...

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